The Advent of Cloud Accounting Software

“Cloud accounting” – are you coming across this term quite often these days?

online accountantA lot of firms are pondering if cloud accounting can help them. By definition, cloud accounting is a way of accessing, modifying and using accounting software programs from a virtual environment. You don’t have to install the accounting software program. Some companies identify cloud accounting as online accounting. Online software programs are used in many places for file sharing, internet banking, emails and so on.
What is cloud computing?
Before you understand about cloud accounting, you must get used to cloud computing. Cloud computing is a novel model that connects a network of computers. These computers run application programs from the server(s) instead of local devices. This means you will have the freedom to access software programs from anywhere. Internet enabled devices like smart phones, desktop machines, and tablet computers can be used to access the hosted applications. For instance, cloud accounting programs like “Quickfile Accounting Software” can be hosted on centralized servers. quickfile accountingPotential users should launch their web browsers, login to their Quickfile Accounting’ account and start using the application. Cloud accounting is one of the world’s most exciting things that has happened in recent times. The concept has helped business owners, accountants and bookkeepers work on “files” simultaneously. To be more precise, bookkeepers are no longer obligated to import client data from local machines.

Help for Small Business Owners

So, how does cloud accounting help small business owners? As mentioned previously, business owners will have the liberty to access critical information at anytime and from anywhere. Most business owners are always travelling or held up at remote destinations. They are bound to use their smart devices for financial data. With the help of cloud computing, they can keep track of account balances, overall cash flow, outstanding invoices and much more (as long as they have a working internet connection).small business

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

There are several benefits in using Cloud accounting software programs. The next few lines will give you a quick walk through these advantages.

      Distributed Workforce
    First of all, cloud accounting will enable a distributed workforce. Experts believe that organizations with distributed workforce grow quickly and produce immediate results. Since your client information and accounting data can be stored
    and accessed from the cloud, it can be used anywhere. Team members will be able to complete their work regardless of where they are located. Also, they can gather information from different departments! Whether you are an accountant who needs information for an audit or a sales representative who wishes to add expense reports or a project manager who wants an up to date invoice, the cloud accounting software programs will help.
      Tools & Features
    Most cloud accounting programs have sophisticated tools and fe
    atures. These tools and features are useful in organizing critical data. You can access data with “many conditions and filters”. However, you must be careful with the cloud software you choose. Ensure if the application satisfies all your technical requirements. You should be able to generate reports, search for information, perform complicated calculations, handle taxes and schedule tasks using your cloud accounting applications.

xero accountant

      Strong Bonds
    Cloud applications will help you verify discrepancies and maintain strong relationships. In any business environment, relationships play a critical role. Business owners are expected to establish a reliable channel between distributors and vendors. Unlike well-established firms, vendors and distributors play an integral role in the growth of small businesses. When a distributor or vendor questions about incomplete accounts, business owners can use cloud-based accounting software programs to generate quick invoices. Advanced accounting programs allow authorized members to locate bills and verify missing data. This removes a major workload from small business owners. There no longer expected to answer questions, without any data! “Availability of quick data” is a feature all cloud users can leverage.
    The talk about cloud accounting will remain incomplete without “variety”. Over the years, so many cloud applications have surfaced. Cloud-based tools like Quickfile Accounting and Xero not only allow you to access data from anywhere, but also give you the freedom to integrate with other tools (cloud based). The moment a small business owner decides to use cloud-based applications they can leverage and extract data from various platforms. Moreover, they don’t have to waste time on manual data entry. Here are few tips on how to choose cloud accounting programs for your business:
  • Budget plays an enormous role in choosing cloud accounting programs. If your company has a very small budget, the application should fall in line with it. Luckily, cloud accounting software programs are cheaper than traditional applications. As you opt for specialized software programs, your budget is bound to become bigger. If you want something that falls in line with industrial standards, you must be prepared to go premium.
  • Check if the software providers offer free upgrades. With these software programs, you don’t have to worry about patches. The service providers will make sure your application is up-to-date.
  • Check if the cloud accounting program is secure. You must be clear with the service provider’s safety strategies. Figure out what they would do when a destructive event occurs. Also, figure out how the company safeguards important data.
  • Check if you can move your existing accounting software to the cloud. Many modern applications offer this facility.
  • Pay close attention to add-on features. Does the cloud accounting software have add-on features like quick online payments, one-click report generators, and multi-user compatibility! These are features that can make your life extremely easy!
The Verdict

On the whole, there are several reasons to invest in cloud accounting programs. Many small businesses with limited budgets should go for cloud-based solutions. These applications carry lots of value. May it be a convenience, security, value or novelty, cloud-based tools are wonderful. There are so many outstanding cloud accounting programs to choose from. These programs will help in maintaining finances and can ensure long-term growth.

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