Search Engine Optimisation To Grow Your Business

The internet is full of many thousands of websites and finding your site is like finding a needle in a haystack. You must be found in search engine searches by potential customers if you want to be successful, and with so much advice out there, why do businesses find it so difficult.

Well Google regularly change their algorithms, other site owners want to also get to top of the rankings so competition is high.

We will analyze your site FREE and help you decide the most realistic search terms to aim for by helping you decide how many people search for a key word or key phrase, how long it will take to build up your rankings for a given term.

Once you get the results you can use them to do your own search engine optimization or we can assist you, there is no obligation to use our services and if you use our tool to find the information to do the work yourself that is not a problem, we want to help businesses succeed.

Just remember many people who use Google for searching the internet do not go past page 1 to see page 2 results so you really need to be aiming for top 10 listings.

How do you do this simply put it’s a combination of On Site (changes to your website) and Off Page work providing back-links, but Google and other search engines are wise to businesses that put keywords all over the site, back-links from ‘factory’ back-link services. You need a full strategy.

If you are stuck with where to start our keyword tool only needs your website and the keywords you want to get results for its easy to use, but we will do it for your FREE and without obligation to use any of our other services.


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