The cost is individually calculated depending on your needs and plans for your business. We have various fee packages and will happily give you a no obligation quote.

This entirely depends on you and your needs, most clients use our services for 3 -12 months however you are not tied to ANY contract length and you can cancel at any time so the decision is yours.

NO, as a coach, we guide and assist you in developing your plans and skills and you run your business we use our experience and skills in achieving this for you and help you to reach your own goals.

NO, it’s your business and you decide what changes you need and implement them we will coach and support you while you make the decisions. You simply make the changes that are discovered that you wish to implement within your business.

Using our services could be the best money you have spent in your business, we may be able to guide you through to a solution that means you can continue trading and even in some cases lower your liabilities or reassess your cash-flow requirements and help you secure funding. Our Recovery Finder Service is ideal for this situation. You really must act sooner rather than later, the sooner you act, generally means the more options available to you so CONTACT US today.

NO, if you are retiring then you would be advised to use the services of a coach to help you maximise the potential sale price for your business if you wish to sell it or indeed help with the process of handing over to a successor to help secure the businesses future success.