Business Seminars & Webinars

Business seminars and webinars are held on various business subjects as part of our business support services that we think may be of use to business owners to aid their business development and would welcome to see you on some of them in the future.

They are booked on a first come first served basis and are open to all business owners, senior managers or people wishing to open a business, you DO NOT need to be a client to attend any of them. They are part of our ongoing commitment to provide business support.

The Seminars are all held in York and the venue details and parking arrangements will be sent to you when you register. Webinars are accessible via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you wish to register please Contact Us.

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Tax tips for business owners webinar

23rd February 2016
at 2.00 p.m.


Business Development

We will help you develop your business skills and identify the potential pitfalls in your business by offering the ongoing business support that we offer in our business seminars and webinars. We want you to run a profitable business and are dedicated to help you achieve your goals and are passionate to help you succeed.

Since business link changed the way they work you may wonder how to get business advice, we can help. Please arrange a free business review to find out how.